Who We Are

Our product range includes quality fibre doors & frames which are design to meet customers requirements our synthetics polyester items. Durable, versatile and are available in wide of colors & styles for customers desires. “POLY FIBER DOORS & KITCHEN SERIES” are the doors for future, presently, we are offering Poly Fiber Doors in contemporary design and we intend to introduce many more designs in the near future. our aesthetically design doors are strong with unlimited life span. These doors are made of synthetic Polyester resin fiber and rigid, water resistant and termite proof, corrasion resistant and are well suited to with stand with any kind of environmental conditions. our door are available in elegant versatile, classical carving, executive class, as well as contemporary design which provide or unique look to exterior or interior in both cases, we also make main entrance doble doors and fiber glass main gates they are highly durable with extra ordinary strength.

Our Vision & Values

“As a team we will strive to supply quality products & services to our customers” complete on and at time. we are committed to constant improvement and an innovation in our design systems and quality of products and services we strive to give the customers the best value for the money. we have a a genuine concern for the environment and the safety of the communities we operative it. our commitment quality, equal opportunity innovation continue growth

Advantages of Fiber Doors

The main ADVANTAGE of quality UPVC products is that they never need paints + the only maintenance they really tend to need is a wipe down with the deep clothes once a year


design of windows are multi chamber profile with tits seals which make them the best windows in noise separation and give you and average sound separation of 22-25 db in single glazing and 30 db in double glazing.


UPVC, Also known as unplasticized poly vinyl chloride is a low maintenance high efficient building materials used as substitute for coloured and coated wood or metals. mostly for windows frame and sills when installing double glaze in buildings in newly constructed building of replacement older single door windows.

Energy Efficient

No matter what climate, our windows and doors are used in. they continue to cozy and comfortable environed for your home. in a tempore air conditioned building windows with a low thermal conducive material can reduce the lose of energy according to the effect that 36% of interior energy loses through the windows. the thermal conductivity of UPVC is 0.14 kcal/m.hr oC that is 1/1250 of aluminum (175kcal)

Fire Retardant

fire test has shown that UPVC materials being naturally flame retardant through their product price will not cause, support of enhance natural development of fire unlike timber windows it has got and “A” Class fire rating.